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STORY 05Trip of Mature Couple

  • The son who is married and currently lives in abroad. The daughter got married and moved to Kumamoto. There is only me and my husband at this house. From now on, it is time to begin our own couple life.

    “ Let’s go for the trip together” i have asked. The husband whose face looked happy to hear these words, replied to me. “Let`s go, where the autumn is beautiful”. It is almost 30 years last time when we go to the trip. We want to enjoy our free time after leave of children. Every day, try to spent my day by various activities and house tasks. However, the most of all i would like to cherish my husband`s heart.

    After retiring from job, there are not many interaction with people around. Due to this, most people face mismatching with outside world. The wife feels happy and still can meet with friends around longer, however sometimes can not deep in husband`s feeling.

    In our age,  the best place is Tateshina where is not far from the city, peaceful and high quality. We have made reservation at Tateshina Shinyu Onsen.

  • Recently reconstructed Shinyu where is the voice of river and birds can be heard.  It is a peaceful place as a picture and feels in different world.

    The gorgeous nature and the hotel`s inner atmosphere is amazing. Husband says “It is marvelous country”

    Iwanami edition space, Misuzu library salon, royal family member, Hitachinomiya`s portrait, Yanagiwara Byakuren (famous poet) handwritings attract and give the impressions of those period.

  • Having great time in hotspring and enjoying the meal at private room for only us. Suwa local famous sake, Masumi was tasty.

    After the dinner, we visited Bar. Our son with family, doing there best at new place. Our daughter is adapting to the new place. We also made our best. We brought up marvelous kids and now again only two of us as old times, after the kids move.

    Our this trip shows the long path until this moment. Further, it is indefinite how long it contiues, 100 or more, we continue to support each other unless the last. This is the start of new begining. This is going to be our second honeymoon.

  • “Let’s cherish the time spent together and our own private time too. Let’s care and keep on eye each other”.  The atmosphere of bar, it was easy to express feelings.

    “Yes, dear. Let’s respect and cherish each other till the last” husband said bashfully.

    At the bar, we have tried the Bourbon and Jack Daniel’s soda mix which we had on our first date. After the kids leave, we have started the new life and it is enjoyable to organize the new begining.