The story of your life
at Shinyu-onsen


STORY 01Enjoying In by traveling alone

  • Is there any hotel, where women can relax and forget about people around and take her own time?!

    “That person alone?”
    “Maybe divorced?”
    “Traveling to washing out grief?! ”

    If women travel alone, people around are noisy. Even, nobody thinks like this, the woman might accept it in this way. Here in Tateshina Shinyu, women stop caring around people and will be out of this feeling. Due to the 30,000 books around, it feels you are in your own world, separated from outside.

  • When I was young, used to read Iwanami edition books. Here, Iwanami edition was placed as a tower on the whole corridor. I am back to the atmosphere of path, but as a new person with full confidence.

    The room was prepared which I love most. I put my luggage on the room and my most adorable time started. First I visited books corner and Misuzu Lounge. Even by staying a year at this hotel, it is impossible to read all of them and this make me feel excited.

    The book at the lounge is not just books for me. They have accompanied me in my youth period, my first love, sake tasting and all the adorable moments of my life. They brought me to the point where I am now.

    Robert Capa Photo Album
    The Crab Cannery Ship
    About reason to live

    Each was dear to me. When I read this book, I was ahigh school student. Every day spent with extra activities. When I read that book, I was addicted to the whole story. Each book tells about my feelings of that time, my talks with people arouns and my each days impression. They all have surrounded me all the time.

  • How it is wondrful, peaceful atmosphere here! Outside is snowing. By sitting on the soft sofa and hearing sound of fireplace, the thoughts fly away to the far. The playing Chanson brings to the different world.

    Tateshina is mostly summer resort image, but winter`s colddays have it own charming taste. Outside is fresh cold weather, marvelous snow scene and inside is warm color, atmosphere and wide lounge make me feel calm.

    It was getting dark and sun was setting down. It is time to go for women open air bath called “Tenyu no Yu”. Recently, it became open juts for ladies. It was so wide so that possible to enjoy whole picture of nature. The snow landscape is gorgeous.

  • After having a relaxing hot spring, I would prefer a glass of beer before dinner. It is wonderful to enjoy extraordinary time by having alcohol at bar alone.


    Now, it is time for dinner. Dinner and breakfast are served at individual room at this hotel, so I can feel free and love to have a meal in private space prepared only for me without being seen with curiosity. Today I will have Japanese French Cuisine called “ Tateshina Mountain Cuisine.” I definitely chose white wine of “Shinshu Goichi Wine” perfect with today's dinner.


    It is luxuxy to delicious cuisine accompanied with wine and on the back to room took a book and had reading on sleepless night. Later have open air bath by enjoying night stars. Thought we I had passed will now and further to set up my way.
    Hotel for relaxing alone