The famous Japanese resort of Tateshina is blessed with fair skies eighty percent of the time.
In the midst of natural wonders you can enjoy mountain climbing, trekking, and driving, and in the winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.
Tateshina is easily accessible, only thirty minutes from the nearest interchange. A free shuttle bus runs from the train station.

Five charms of SHINYU

Tateshina Cuisine

We offer the original delicious cuisine made by the local products.
Our Tateshina Cuisine is changed throughout four seasons.
The menu is created by our chief for making you satisfied and enjoy each seasons delicious vegetables.

Various Stylish Rooms

We offer various stylish rooms by affortable price, such as suite, japanese style and japanese-western style rooms.
The rooms provided with modern and japanese style furnutires which creates comfortable atmosphere for you and for your partner.
Here you can spend your valuable time with your important person and make memorables days.

Private open-air hot‐spring

A Superb viewed isa free for you to enjoy.
In a private open-air hot‐spring,you can get an ineffably beautiful scene.
You are promised to be healed by a full view of a valley and murmuring of a mountain treat.

Bathhouse with tatami-mats

A bath with a tatami mat, that has made many people surprised.
Because of the tatami-mats on our bath,
it reduces a chance of slips and injury.
The bath is open for 24 hours.

Lobby shop

You can find very stylish shops while there are 9shops such as a general shop, a tableware shop,
and so on.
We are very sure that you can have a great time all these shops.

Shinyu Onsen Natural Hot Spring

Shinyu-onsen’s abundant, therapeutic water has bubbled up here since ancient times from the base of Mt. Tateshina. Where it reaches the surface, it rushes past a stone image of the Buddhist deity Kannon, Shinyu’s symbol.

Tales passed down from the middle ages about the onsen abound. It was Takeda Shingen’s hidden onsen, and his war weary soldiers often came here to heal. The public has enjoyed the hot spring here for the last 400 years. Come experience the healing power of the mountains for yourself.

Public bath

Shinyu-onsen’s large public bath offers real healing in the elegant calm of a highland resort.
A power stone is placed where the hot spring water enters the bath. When illuminated at night, soft, swaying curves dance upon the water.

Open-air hot‐spring

From our rotenburo (outdoor bath) a clear mountain stream rolls before your eyes. You’ll enjoy the sound of tumbling water and the feel of fresh air and velvety water on your skin.

Private Reserved Bath

Have the beautiful view from this classy onsen all to yourself.
You and your partner will love the picturesque scenery and tranquil ambience of the ravine, where the thick forest and mountain stream weave together.
We particularly recommend this bath at night. There is little more relaxing than a soak among the evening sounds, beneath starry sky.

Tateshina Cuisine

In such a special place, you are bound to find special food. And so, our master chef presents creative cuisine, a taste of Tateshina.
With chaliapin steak as a main course, you’ll love the seasonal styles that transcend different cuisines.

Restaurant Bienvenu

Matching the refined ambience of Tateshina Resort, the music’s volume in our restaurant is set so you can talk freely without being disturbed by nearby conversation.

Guest Room

S-style Suit

Relaxed and welcoming, we made this suite with couples in mind.
The large sofa and fireplace will help you unwind in comfort.


A nearly 20 square meter Japanese style room with tatami straw mat flooring. These rooms are conveniently located in the same building as the restaurant and lobby.
Dinner can be provided in your room upon request.


These are stylish Japanese style rooms with about 15 square meters of tatami straw mat flooring. The living room provides a view of Tateshina’s forest and a nearby stream.
The shadows interwoven on the living room’s deep, rich wooden flooring and plastered walls create a stylish sense of ease


With attached shower and toilet, this 12 square meter Japanese style room with tatami straw mat flooring holds a prime location with a great view of the stream.
Attractively priced, with the same standard of service as our other rooms, this room is a popular option for a relaxed stay.

Amenities & Service

Book Nook 300 titles of travel and love

As an expression of Tateshina’s deep ties with literature, we provide a selection of novels on themes like travel and love

Lobby Shopping Course

The nine shops in our lobby are a good place to spend some quality time after your bath or breakfast.

Aromatherapy Salon

Our aromatherapy salon offers facials and gentle, full body care.

Foot Massage

After your bath, feel free to try a pressure point foot massage. From a mere 500 yen.

Bedding for the most restful sleep

We provide an Italian made mattress, hypoallergenic bed cover, and a choice of soft or firm pillows.

Relaxation Wear

Unwind with our original and superbly comfortable pajamas. Soft on your skin, this indoor relaxation wear looks great throughout the building.







Narai-juku is a well-known placein Nagano Prefecture that has been designated among the Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings.
You can experience of Japanese old fashion life style here in Narai-juku.
It takes only 40 mins from Shinyu, and is also in the middle of the between Nagaoya and Suwa.

Hida Takayama

Takayama is a historical place which is rich for old fashioned streets, traditional cuture and beautiful nature.
It is famous for the old traditional japanese cityscape which is listed at the most visited tourist destionation.

Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Castle is very popular national treasure, and the donjon consists of 5 layers.
You can see beautiful scenery of Japan Alps from the top of the donjon.
You can reach Matsumoto Castle only for 60mins by train and by bus, and it is also on the way between Kamisuwa and Kamikochi.

Jigokudani Onsen

Even that kind of severe environment here is a paradise on earth for monkeys to live in. The troops of wild Japanese macaque (they are popular as snow monkeys)
inhabit there through the ages.


Utsukushigahara is a plateau to boast of the JapanÅfs largest plateau and declared as one of 100 famous mountains in Japan.
You can take a trekking cours, by seeing an idyllic grassy plain and the steep topography.
It only takes 60mins from Tateshina and Kamisuwa.

“Sake” Factory Toure

Suwa area produces many kinds of local ÅgSakeÅh.
Most of the Sake factories are within 15mins from Kamisuwa Shinyu.
You can visit ÅgSakeÅh factories, and of course, you can buy ÅgSakeÅh for your souvenir and for your own.


Is there a pickup and drop-off service?

Our bus runs four times daily between Kamisuwa-station’s west entrance and our spa. Or, if you call, we will be glad to pick you up.If you have any questions, please call.

Does your staff speak languages besides Japanese?

We have English speaking staff at the front desk.

Can you hold my luggage?

Yes, we can hold it at the front desk. Also, if you plan on sightseeing in the area after checkout, we can hold it for you. Please let us know.

Is there a cancellation charge?

Cancellation charges apply from three days prior to your expected arrival.
(3 days prior: 30%, 2 days prior: 30%, day before: 50%, same day: 100%)